The Bells of St. Mary's

by Pontac



Pontac contributed a cover of The Bells of St. Mary's for Preserve Records' 2018 Holiday Comp, which can be found using the link above.


A Note on Douglas Furber's Canticle
(of Bob B. Soxx & The Blue Jeans, Mephistophile Phil Spector, and Bing Crosby Fame)

With St. Mary's Bells, we speak of a magnetic pull toward those undulations of the air that stir both our spirits and our loins. In the crucifixion, there is a silence and a sexual anxiety that can burst brain fluids through skull and make red in the sky. Eyes roll, hands turn toward Him in stiffening grasps, and the Cenobites remind us that in Christ there is Spirit and Flesh, ascendance, purity, and filthy yearning. With S&M as a kind of Roachian performance carried out in the name of completing the circle, carried out in the name of auditioning in search of originals (i.e. Christ as me, me as Him), something like a Sun Dance, it is in Christ that blood, wine, and ganic material enter and exit our bodies, with little sense being made of beginnings and endings. Let them bang metal on metal that the prehistoric fish of the lover's sea may know when Corsick is fallen, and let them taste the blood before the Big Shower. Let them bang. Let them bang. Let them bang.


released December 22, 2018

This time around, Pontac was:
Max Abner
Connor Zagrans
Dillion Zagrans

Produced by Patrick Budde



Pontac Chicago, Illinois

The North American possum will drown in its own vomit and feces once stung by a migrating Canadian hornet, and its children will feast upon its crunchy flesh in order to survive the dull, depressing winters.

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